Self-help tools

This is a great place to start crafting your own mental health routine!

Mental health is as important as physical health if not more important!

Here I am sharing books, TED, podcasts, articles and many more resources which has helped me build my own mental routine, tools, emergency box.

Feel free to use it, modify it to fit your own needs and share it!


In this TED, Julian a scientist at heart is taking us through the power of our breath.

I find it very practical and useful to understand the power within our body.

I like scientists approaches to things as we can easily visualize it.

Obviously TED speakers are also very good at explaining things!

Stacey is the first African-American woman who delivered a response to the State of the Union address. She is a fierce, ambitious women who decided from a young age that she had a dream, a target and she would work relentlessly to achieve it. She would do that not for her own benefit but for the benefit of all women minority in the United States.

Watch her TED and capture the strong vibrations from this inspiring woman!

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change..."

Ulla has nailed it! The Universe talks to us. Very often and in mysterious ways. 

The question is: Are we listening?

If you don't know about After Skool, then I am honored to introduce you to it, if not then you know how mind blowing those videos are!

The rational mind is nowadays put on a pedestal but this have not always been the case...


How broken is our society model? Why is it broken? How can we fix it? 

Dolly is a social scientist who focuses on the psychology of good people. 

Listen to the science behind our search for being seen as a good person.

What if our attachment to being good people is getting in the way of us being better people?

Amishi is a scientist taking us through the minds' functions and more importantly how our attention works.

She is inviting to pay attention to our attention!

Luvvie is an author speaker and digital strategist. 

She is loud and clear and you can see it throught her book's title: I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual.

This brilliant mind reminds us that in the uncomfortable we grow, we stretch ourselves. That's where we should seek to be!

This book is like a bible to me. 

It has changed my perspective on myself, on people, on the world.


It has de-programmed so much codes that did not fit my new life and injected new programs, new codes that I use in my relationships with myself and others. I have seen a significant improvement in my relationships since I've read this book!

Just to clarify I often compare Humans to a computer. We get programmed by our environment and the codes we receive sometimes become obsolete or were simply non appropriate. Hence why it is important to review those codes and check if they still serve us.

I have rename that talk the tyranny of positivism

I think there is a plague in this world creating many issues in the area of mental health. This plague is in the obligation of being happy.

Well life offers a wide range of emotions which all serve a purpose. They are all meant to exist and all tools to help us process life events. 

By forcing people into one emotion we trap them and create blockages.

Susan's talk also was my sign from the Universe... I was looking for a name for my website, my project, at the time I was not sure what Sawubonasana would be...

This absolute banger of a book opened my eyes wide to the power of the unknown. 

We often fear the blank page, the new beginnings, the f*ing first times but this is where we grow!

Get the book!

After Skool strikes again with an amazing video giving us the key to us not achieving our life's purpose...

Watch and then start a journal/meditation practice about how much space you give to doubt in your life.

How can you step away from doubters and build a new set of beliefs based on facts you would gather showing that something can be done.

Viktor Frankl is a psychologist founder of logotherapy.

He was imprisoned in a concentration camp during World War II.

This book is the key to overcoming the worst challenges of our lives. Some of us go through the worst experience a Human can experience on this Earth. His writings spark a light in the dark. 

From this light however small you can see it, he demonstrates that using gratitude and searching for the meaning behind our pain, we can grow a spark into a bonfire!

This short After Skool video will take you through important reminders about life!

Watch it again and again. Use it for journaling, for meditating. Use it to assess your state of mind and re-frame where necessary!

Deprogram and reprogram yourself: It is the key to success!

Here is another bible for you!

This one focuses on the spiritual body, more precisely the Chakras. Those energy centres located in key parts of your body. 

Where emotions are blocked you could feel it in those areas...


This book will give you juicy information about the secrets of our spiritual bodies!

This After Skool emphasizes the plague that social media is in our life.

Social media is the thief of joy. Not only does it show us people who only show themselves under the best angle, outfits, etc, but it pushes us to do the same. 

I see social media as a significant bully in my life that I am learning to tame.

After watching this video ask yourself: How is social media influencing my life? Is social media stealing joy away from my life? If so, how am I allowing this? How can I build a healthier relationship with my phone?

Also little challenge: Do not touch your phone for a whole weekend at least once a month!

This book is an absolute must read on your self-development journey.

It comprises very short chapters. You can reflect on each of those small bites until you are ready to move towards the following chapter. It almost feels like a finger food degustation.

You will discover something as important as WHO YOU ARE.

It sounds ridiculous but if someone ask you: Who are you? What would be your answer?

A whole chapter goes deep into this simple question and it is an eye opener. 

It is THE tool each of us need to start solving our mental health struggles.

Enjoy! Email me so you tell me how you felt about this book!


One could assume that this book is primarily for a female reader. 

I would argue otherwise. The conformity process under which society pressure women is also pressuring man.

This book is the result of more than 20 years of work by the author. It is worth every minute of your time.

It is a long read. Do not buy this book thinking you can read it within a month. It's the kind of book that will make you want to create a book club just to talk about this book. 

There is plethora of information on how society, stories, makes us. Shapes us. The power of knowing how something has shaped us provides us a map to come out of the mold and back into the wild.


This one could potentially go into your garage, next to your classic toolbox!

I mean it's honestly this kind of book. You open it when something is on your mind. You pick the tool you need to tackle the issue you need tackling right this moment.

It is easy to use, practical. It gives you lifelong tools.

An amazing investment!


After Skool delivers again a brilliant video about how the need to be accepted will shrink you.

Jim Carey is the voice who inspired this video. This brilliant man who has been challenging the status quo for many years now I believe should be talked about more often but hey, ho! He no longer fits the conformity of society therefore it is uncomfortable for people to talk about him.

His ideas are challenging a lot of our ego established kingdom and which ego likes being challenged? 

Enjoy this video! watch and re-watch whenever you need a kick in the ass to be faithful to yourself and not to conformity!


3 generations, 1 table, no filter.

This weekly rendez-vous with the Pinkett-Smith girls is an immense opportunity to learn:

1. how our experiences shape our personality

2. how this is not always a good shape

3. How to recognise where the shape needs amendments

4. how to correct the shape.

It is a round table bringing people from any background to sit and have a space to talk. Circle, cycle... Life.


Society has created linear systems (school, career, etc) making us think that growth is linear. Nothing is linear in nature. We talk about the cycle of life. Join these brilliant women for difficult conversations! That's how we grow!



This book was actually recommended by the RTT Family and it was a great read.

Paul Ferrini explores the teachings of Jesus.

Whether you are religious or not, this book explores the concept of Unconditional Love.

How to create it, maintain it, share it. 

It is an eye opener as I believe we are not taught anything about love but everything about attachment.